Tips For Buying Or Selling With A Pet

Dated: 01/22/2018

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Image titleTips When buying with a pet:

Know the policies in the jurisdiction and homeowners or condo association to be sure you can comply.

Look for a neighborhood where many residents have dogs — they’ll be more accepting of your pet.

Look for a neighborhood with pet-friendly retailers and restaurants.

Look for the closest dog parks.

Check out doggy and kitty day-care options in the area if you’ll need them.

If you opt for a high-rise, know where you can walk your dog and whether your dog is comfortable in elevators.

If you can’t find a yard with a fence, find out how much it will cost and whether you are allowed to build one.

Be careful to check out the stairs if your pet will have trouble climbing them.

Tips when selling with a pet:

Decide whether your pet will be okay to stay in a crate while your home is being shown or if you can walk the pet whenever someone wants to see it.

Consider boarding your dog with friends or a family member while your home is on the market.

Be aware of dog and cat odors — have a friend without pets do a “sniff test” to see whether you’ve done enough cleaning.

Have your carpets, curtains and upholstery cleaned or replaced if necessary.

An air duct cleaning might be necessary to remove animal odors.

Put away dog toys, leashes, feather toys and other clutter when showing your home.

Check for pet damage such as scratched floors and ripped screens or trampled bushes, and make repairs.


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