What Is The Real Reason

Dated: 07/18/2018

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So what’s the REAL reason you haven’t purchased a home yet? 

1) Your credit score isn’t “high enough”? 

2). You haven’t “saved enough”? 

3) Your DTI (debt to income ratio) is “too high”? 

Well whatever your case may be, please be mindful that if you haven’t spoken to a Lender (institution that gives you the funds to actually purchase a home) or a Real Estate Professional (me) then you may be counting yourself out due to “your understanding” of what it takes to become a homeowner. Call me so we can see where you are in the game. Knowing ONLY helps!

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Shiquilla Dreher

Shiquilla Dreher understands that buying a home is the largest financial transaction most people make in their lives. As a professional, it is her goal to be a resource to help navigate the process of....

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What Is The Real Reason

So what’s the REAL reason you haven’t purchased a home yet? 1) Your credit score isn’t “high enough”? 2). You haven’t “saved enough”? 3) Your DTI (debt to income)

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